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The Bedford Flag It is the oldest complete flag known to exist in the United States.  It is celebrated as the flag carried by the Bedford Minuteman, Nathaniel Page, to the Concord Bridge on April 18, 1775; the beginning of the American Revolution. It also has a gilt ribbon scroll with the motto “VINCE AUT MORIRE” (Conquer or Die)
Oil and Natural Gas Production

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Bedford Energy in Oil and Gas

Bedford Energy Inc.

Bedford Energy Inc. operates wells in Oklahoma.  It is an independent oil and gas company specializing in the exploration and production of U.S. domestic oil and natural gas fields.  As an operator and manager of wells Bedford Energy drills, reworks, produces and administers all the aspects of oil and gas production.

Starting with our founder Carl Swan, the oil business established in 1977, Bedford Energy  is devoted and focused to the success of our Wells.  


Specialization in Domestic Oil and Gas

Bedford Energy, Inc. focus on U.S. domestic oil and natural gas production.  Bedford Energy  focuses on drilling wells in areas with historical production.  We base decisions to drill on quality geology and engineering with more than 30 years of well data collected by state agencies and log libraries.  Our management skills and abilities are in developing and completing Oil and Gas Wells.


Moving our production focus to on U.S. domestic oil and natural gas has enabled the company to grow and hold a portfolio of wells and develop our own prospects.  We continue to work in sustaining diversified oil and gas exploration and production: now focusing on the Woodford development in central Oklahoma, and the Mississippian Lime play in NW Oklahoma.  Bedford Energy seeks to produce U.S. Oil and Gas.  We aim to be environmentally sensitive and to contribute to the re-balance of cleaner carbon emissions by production of natural gas. 


Full Transparency in Reporting

Bedford Energy holds direct interest in every Joint Venture project we manage.  We lead the projects with our own investments.  We believe that each project must have full  transparency for participants.  We achieve this by providing our Joint Venture partners the latest emailed information including: daily reports on drilling, monthly production reports, scheduled conference calls with Joint Venture partners, and frequent updates through the Bedford Energy website (request your JV Project password).  Our Joint Venture participants are in control of their participation and have confidence in knowing the status of their wells at all times.  Our focus, on the development of our prospect oil and gas assets enables us to create and add value. 


Current Opportunities

Prospects range in scope and size.  Current Examples include


Shorter 3-4 month turnaround to cash repayments Single Existing Wells looking for 6-10 month paybacks and 2-3X return on funds:  These projects involve the purchase of working interests in producing wells from existing owners, and then completing reworks on the wells to other zones.  These projects can provide a much lower cost of purchase (compared to new drilling) looking for zones overlooked in the original well set up. 


Mid-term 6 month turnaround to cash repayments Single New Drill horizontal Wells looking for 18-24 month paybacks and 4-8X return on funds:  These projects involve the purchase of lease acres and development of working interests in drilling and completing wells.  New wells have all of the existing reserves in place when drilled.


Long-term 12-15 month turnaround to cash repayments.  Multi New Drill horizontal Wells looking for 18-24 month paybacks to drill the multiple wells.  Through using the same well drill pad and horizontal drilling cost savings and enhanced exploitation can generate 6-10+X return on funds:   These projects involve the purchase of extensive lease acres and development of working interests in drilling and completing multiple wells to develop cash flow and proven reserves.  Multiple New wells have all of the existing reserves in location in place when drilled.



Top Strategic Partners in the Field

Our geologists and engineers provide us years of field experience and well control.  Our strategic partnerships and contract alliances with drilling companies, completion and production companies, use the leading companies in the central U.S. We build success based on a long term commitment to the exploration and production of proven domestic oil and gas fields, using the highest standards of due diligence.  We create a competitive turnkey structure, and manage our costs effectively as we drill and operate to bring oil and gas wells to completion.  We seek to maximize returns for partners in our Joint Ventures. 


We seek to provide above market returns to participants in our projects.  We strive to ensure our results speak volumes for our work in what is by its nature a risk taking business. 


No Better Time To Invest in America

Given the current climate and economic condition, we look to assist our working interest partners in successful production of domestic oil and gas. 


Keeping America Working One Well at a Time

The oil industry that has more than 9 million jobs and contributes more than 7% to the Gross Domestic Product.  By continuing to focus on oil and gas exploration and production, we are reducing our dependency on foreign oil and investing in our future by investing in America.

Oil and Natural gas keeps our economy going: we support the production of U.S. domestic oil and gas
.......energy for today produced from home. 


Bedford Energy Corp
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