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There are many control wells that have been producing in the Hunton as shown on the map below. These wells show that when the water is removed the oil production will increase. The reduction in pressure from dewatering the Clarita will over timer allow considerable production of oil from this structure The estimates of the horizontal well production shows a considerable economic value in recovering the oil in place over the years to come if such a percentage or higher recovery from the reservoir were achieved.

Production - Recompletion and multi stage frac, Logan Co. OK

Horizontal Well Completion

  • Drilled & Cased Horizontal Well
  • Total Depth 7,500 ft (VD 5,000 ft.)
  • 2,500 ft Horiz. contact in Hunton Clarita pay zone.
  • Drainage spacing 320 acres. (1/2 sqr. Mile)
  • More than 15 Horiz. Wells nearby paid out over 5x money in 36 months (marked in yellow on map)
  • Petroleum Engineered Proven Reserves 160,000 BO & 1,500,000 Mcf Gas.
  • Potential net production over $12MM.

Resistivity logs, (a measure indicating how strongly a material opposes the flow of electric current) on the Rhodes and logs of the well as drilled indicate we have a higher proportion of gas and oil in the matrix than many of the successful horizontal wells around our project. The reason for this increase is that our location is more up-dip. (oil and gas migrates to highest point) (see geological maps & schematic cross-section map above). This information was verified through drillinginfo.com and Frank Rhodes (Rhodes Oil Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The timing is now right to apply to operate and re-engineer and complete this well. In the next weeks Text of report below...

The Prospect is regionally in the North East portion of the S Merrick Field that lies in the Mississippian Lime Trend.

The primary oil and gas producing formations are shown below.